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Because I grew up on a healthy diet of rom-coms, family-friendly flicks and stories of how my parents met by chance, there’s always been a lingering optimism that later down the track, I’ll have my own little love story to tell the young’uns (mine or someone else’s, at this point beggars can’t be choosers).

Looking for the beau to my peep

And while that whole concept still sounds foreign to this single twenty-something, stories about people reuniting with their past loves does fill me with something. Joy? Pride? Warmth? At this point who knows but either way, I’m filled to the brim.

So, here are a couple of reunion stories to give even the most hopeless of us out there something to look forward to.


“Tyler was my first ‘real’ boyfriend (and kiss, awww) at the tender age of 14. I was bloody smitten.

We were at different high schools but we swam together. I did the very early teen thing of getting a mutual friend to ask him out for me, and we were very cute together – until we weren’t.

Fast-forward 14-odd years, long after we’d lost touch completely, and he slid into my Instagram DMs. Let me just tell you, he’d gone from six-pack jock to ridiculously-hairy-heavy-metal guy – still hot though.

We decided to meet up, neither of us really sure if it was a date or not. It was so lovely! We were in such different places to those fresh-faced teens who dated but it was still easy and comfortable. The night ended in a smewch, so I guess it was a date.” Kassia


“I first met David when we were 13 playing mixed baseball (lel). I went to an all-girls school and I didn’t know many boys, so mixed baseball was the best thing going for me at 13.

David was my first proper crush – I’m talking printing out his Myspace photos, sticking them in my diary and drawing love hearts around them type crush.

Baseball season ended and that was the end of me and David….or so I thought.

10 years later, I’m sitting in uni listening to a boring-as lecture when all of a sudden I remembered my dream from the night before. It was about my baseball days and my beloved David made an appearance.

Two hours after that, I check my phone to find a friend request and a message from David (!!!). I obvs accepted while peeing my pants a little. I remember his first message so well – “Hey stranger, I’ve just joined a baseball team again and thought of you”.

Fast-forward two years, we are engaged and getting married in March.” Emma


“One of my best friends dated a dude when she was 15/16 – they were each other’s firsts, all the cute things.
They broke up at the end of high school, just kind of fizzled out.

Every year on her birthday he has sent her a FB ‘Happy Birthday’ message and December last year she responded back for the first time and they started chatting again – 15+ years after they were high school sweethearts.

Now, six months later, they’re now moving to London together in a months time and are super in love.” – Kath


“My now-BF slid into my DMs four years after we left high school. I remember the day well, cause I had just done the Colour Run, so I was understandably wide-eyed and living my best life at the time.

In high school, he was very much the bad boy/I-don’t-listen-in-Business-Studies-cause-who-cares-about-globalisation type guy. And I was the type to sit tight and answer when I was asked a Q. So I was quite surprised to get ye olde Facebook message asking about my latest tattoo.

I was keen to talk about myself and my new tattoo so I ate it all up, but little did I know our flirtatious chatter would turn into a full-blown relo four years later.

First comes DM’s, then comes some questionable decisions, then comes love, THEN comes moving in together and debt, but still love.” Georgia


While this isn’t technically a real-life reunion story, I personally still think it’s worth mentioning (given how emotionally invested I am in the characters from Toy Story.

We met Woody and Bo Peep way back in 1995 when the OG Toy Story premiered and to this day, their love story trumps most. They’re just so damn sweet around one another, it’s ridic.

That’s why I’m stoked to learn that 24 years after we witnessed the pair’s connection, we’ll be seeing them reunite in Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 at a carnival. A carnival, of all places. Top that, real people.

Bo Peep the latest trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 (below) for your dose of reunion goodness.

You can catch Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 in cinemas June 20.

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