PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney to take a look back at ya fave Disney and Pixar flicks.

Perhaps it’s because the masses rarely root for the villain, but there seems to be an ongoing trend in Disney flicks – the evil character rarely succeeds.

Which look, I’m all about this because terrible people should never be rewarded for their general vileness, but it does make it hard when musing about which Disney villain is technically the most successful.

But let’s give it a crack, shall we? Here’s my highly scientific and credible ranking of Disney villains based on their success rate, in order from absolutely botched to semi-decent.

7. Yzma

This is one of those situations where I found myself relating to the villain because quite honestly, Kuzco is just the worst human/llama.

Yes, I’m well aware Kuzco learns to be a better person in the end, but it takes far too much time and energy to reach that conclusion. No one should have to be turned into an animal to realise that, just maybe destroying an entire village for personal gain isn’t kosher.

As far as Yzma‘s concerned, she didn’t kill Kuzco nor did she usurp the throne, so I’m giving her a big ol’ 2/10.

6. Cruella De Vil

You have to be a right piece of garbage to ever think skinning puppies is a good idea.

And look, skinning one puppy is bad enough, but to go after 101 of ’em is surely an arrestable offence? Might I add that ol’ mate Cruella also committed countless dognappings which in itself is reason enough to lock her up, pop the key in a NutriBullet and swallow that metallic smoothie without hesitation.

Thankfully, she’s not too good at the whole villainy thing and no puppies met their untimely death.

5. Ursula

Bless our girl Ursula, she really did give debauchery a red hot crack.

And while her plans to steal Ariel’s voice and/or man was derailed quite spectacularly, I have to give our Octo-villain major props for the creativity she used.

Say what you want about her, she’s one fine businesswoman with undeniable people skills. Who else out there could convince someone into giving up their voice just for a go at a random thot? Impressive.

4. Jafar

If it wasn’t for Jafar‘s severe insecurities, he probably would’ve wound up as the most successful Disney villain to date.

But alas, his desire to be the most powerful person in the world (go hard or go home, I guess?) ended up biting him right in the tush.

You couldn’t just be happy with being the Sultan of an entire kingdom, could you Jafar you petty manchild.

3. The Evil Queen

Okay, a good rule of thumb is to never accept free food from a stranger.

A better rule of thumb is to only accept free food from a stranger who’s dressed in a uniform and is handing out free samples at the supermarket.

Under no circumstances should you ever accept free food from someone who looks like they eat children for fun. But Snow White does and, at least for a while, the Evil Queen‘s plan works.

I did, however, dock points because she ends up dying. Can’t be that successful if you’re dead, y’know?

2. Maleficent

Similar to the Evil Queen, Maleficent manages to make her victim take the bait which definitely gives her a leg up on the rest.

What I personally believe puts Maleficent ahead of the Evil Queen, though, is that her death is far more dramatic than Snow White’s attempted murderer.


If that’s not the most impressive sight you ever did see in a Disney flick then I encourage you to wake up and smell the sulphur.

1. Scar

Scar is by far the most successful villain out there. Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Scar planned to kill Mufasa. Scar killed Mufasa.

Scar planned to rule the animal kingdom. Scar ruled the animal kingdom (albeit temporarily).

The only reason he didn’t become a permanent dictator ruler was that his minions screwed up royally and couldn’t manage to kill a teeny, tiny little lion.

Well played Scar, you beautiful villain.

Image: The Emperor's New Groove