PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney's 'Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil', in cinemas Oct 17.

After seeing Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil, I was entirely in Camp Maleficent and would defend her to anyone.

Quick spoiler-free recap for context: Princess Aurora gets engaged to Prince Phillip, and because Maleficent is her godmother, she’s invited to Prince Phillip’s folks’ castle for a little meet ‘n’ greet. It all kinda goes downhill from there and mates, let me just tell you that it’s one delicious roller coaster.

Anywho, here’s why you should hear out my argument for Maleficent 2020 (campaign slogan TBA):

Her knack for entrances

Everyone claims they have the confidence to rock up to a party uninvited, but more often than not you get there, stand sheepishly near the chips and dips table for 20 minutes and then leave to sit in your car and cry.

It’s not a pleasant experience.

Only Maleficent can quite literally burst into a party and stand there completely unphased that people are trying to kill her with their death stairs.

Without giving anything away, Maleficent also makes exactly three grand entrances in the second one. Each better than the last.

Her unrivalled ability to bounce back

For those who’ve seen the first Maleficent, you may still have PTSD after that heartbreaking scene of Maleficent’s love stabbing her in the back. No, quite literally he stabs her in the back to cut off her wings.

Her screeches of pain and torture will forever ring in my ears, so for her to recover and go on to be a baws arse bish who oozes confidence, I commend her.

She’s alarmingly relatable

I knew the day would come when I start to distance myself from the ‘heroes’ of movies and find myself siding with the villains. I boil it down to getting older – more specifically when the Age Fairy rips off your rose-coloured glasses and forces you to see the world in a grim new light.

So, yes, I would 100% lash out at everyone around me if I was devastatingly betrayed by those I trusted.

I vote you put a curse on more kids, Maleficent. Spite is underrated.

She gets the job done

Speaking of cursing children, can we just take a brief mo’ to praise Maleficent for her ability to follow through with her plans?

I can see it now: hung up on the wall in Maleficent’s abode sits a manifestation board, covered with pictures of spinning wheels and castles burning.

Want it. Wish it. Do it.

Just that entire face

I’ve been saying for years that casting directors don’t get enough recognition for their work (Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes – essentially every award show aside), and this is just another example to add to the pile.

Sure, Angelina Jolie is clearly wearing prosthetics for her cheekbones, but I doubt there’s much work to do in that department. Her face is the perfect mix of intimidating/beautiful/awe-inspiring, and I’m not being dramatic when I say that this combination is found once in a generation.

Huge call for some but it’s the easiest call I’ve ever made.

Hit up the cinemas to see Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil on Oct 17.