People Are Engaging In A Wild Fashion Movement Known As ‘Disney-Bounding’

Just when you thought Disney fans couldn’t get more dedicated if they tried, they pull a *inserts basketball reference here* and trick the lot of us.

Although it’s been floating around for a while, Disney-bounding has begun to seep into the mainstream and it’s a fashion trend that, if the longevity of Disney movies is anything to go by, will not be going anywhere in a hurry.

Don’t know what Disney-bounding is? You poor, unfortunate souls (eh? Crushed it).

Essentially, it’s when people incorporate the colour schemes of Disney characters into their everyday clothing so that to the untrained eye, they’re just dressed like ya regular Joe Blow, but an ultra-Disney fan will be able to spot the character they’re emulating from a mile away.

Sneaky. Very sneaky.

To get an idea of what that looks like (along with some tips to Get Da Look™), we’ve rounded up some outfits that were right on the honeypot.


Cinderella’s a tricky one to dress up as on the DL because her ball-gown is the definition of extra but, there is a way to tone it down.

The above snap is the perfect option for wanting to get your glass slipper on without going full prom queen on a weekday.


Woah, this is…quite genius.

The deconstructed look of Beast has the classic character – the roses, the fur – yet at first glance, this hardly screams “Disney”.

This is what Disney-bounding looks like lads and ladettes. Take note.


Cool. Calm. Casual. Collected. This is a ‘uge yes.

Jasmine is a fan-favourite to semi-dress up as and you can see why – this outfit would easily be associated with Jasmine if our girl was in Disneyland, but if she was simply sitting a café drinking at a latte, people would be none the wiser.


This is as subtle as you’re gonna get in this world.

While Dewey Duck technically doesn’t wear pants, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to walk out in public at risk of drawing attention from the po’.

Switch out the pantsless bottoms for white trousers to reflect Dewey’s feathers and you’re pretty much there.

Personally, I think the little blue cap makes it an official Dewey – just something to keep in mind.


If ol’ mate on the right wasn’t holding a Buzz Lightyear bag, this might be a trickier one to guess off the bat which means they’ve absolutely nailed the brief.

Love it.


Forky‘s a relatively new addition to the Disney-bounding hubbub but there are already hundreds of people on Instagram smashing out their best Forky (sorta not) cosplay.

Luckily there are still only three defining colours of our fave utensil – blue, red and white – so just ensure they’re all in Forky order and you’ll be a shoo-in.


Simple yet effective.

You’d have to be living under the water (or, er, a rock) to not know the basic Ariel colour scheme – emerald green for her tail and deep purple for her top – so even the most disinterested people may even pick up on this.

But only true fans will pick up on leg Ariel.

Pro tip: go full Disney mermaid with a fork-shaped hairpin. It’s all in the details.


Another pantsless-but-not-pantsless DB (that’s Disney-bounding for the uninformed) option has gotta be Winnie The Pooh.

If you own any variation of a red and burnt-orange pants/shorts/skirts/overalls combo, you’ve got a Pooh.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but Disney-bounding seems like the perfect way to keep your spirits high while you’re slumming at work with regularly dressed sheep.

Go forth and conquer.