These Disney Soundtracks Will Mean No Worries For The Rest Of Your Days

Picking your favourite Disney soundtrack is like choosing between your kids – it’s easy and everyone secretly has a favourite. I mean, as someone who doesn’t actually have kids, I can only assume that’s how it goes down. Prove me wrong, parents.

Nah, I jest of course. Picking a favourite Disney album is so much harder – there are just too many bangers to compare. Where do you even begin? What if your favourite song isn’t necessarily from your favourite album?

Don’t stress your little head about it though, ‘cos we’ve rounded up a tonne of classics for your convenience. Complete transparency, none of them are favoured more than others. Is….is this what parenting feels like? I’m uncomfortable.

So, in no particular order:


I’m almost certain I’m not the only one that had the techno remix of Kiss The Girl downloaded onto my MP4 player – that song absolutely slapped. You could’ve chucked that tune on and I’d have four feet out the door on my way to the nearest school dance or you know, whatever it is you did before you were 18.

The OG soundtrack has some of the most iconic Disney songs to date too – even The Simpsons has parodied them. If that’s not a measurement of icon status then I’m at a loss.


If you’ve taken the time to properly listen to the Pocahontas soundtrack, I trust you’ve copped the goosies at least once. Those lyrics are deeper than the regret I feel for not watching the classic as a young’un. In all fairness though I only had access to the VHS’ Mum and Dad gave me so feel free to shoot them a passive-aggressive email.

In saying that, I can definitely appreciate the meaning of the songs in Pocahontas more as an adult so let’s just call this a lose-win scenario.


What’s this? The latest Beauty and the Beast soundtrack cover and not the OG? Somewhere out there purists are standing over a fresh pot of boiling blood.

Truth be told, I actually saw the original Beauty and the Beast after I’d seen the new one (this is another one my folks clearly overlooked, emails at the ready team) so I have a soft spot for it. Are they both spectacular? Of course. So let’s stop hypothetically arguing and just share the love.


A Disney soundtrack that is mainly comprised of Soul and R&B is the best thing to the world since the invention of ice cream trucks. No, that’s not an overstatement either. Back off.

Plus, the album features the one and only Michael Bolton (!!!). What did we do to deserve this?


Do I… I even need to explain this one? Come on, we’re all adults here.


We conveniently had a rug in front of the heater that almost looked identical to the Magic Carpet in Aladdin. That rug was still conveniently there when Aladdin hit the cinemas. So, I spent a good three weeks lying on said rug, humming along to A Whole New World as I grew increasingly frustrated that the rug possessed zero flying abilities. Ahh, fond memories.

Banger of an album, though.


Now, let’s get down to business. The entirety of the Mulan soundtrack is impossible to falter but I reckon the most impressive feat of the album is that it spawned I’ll Make a Man Out of You, the number one Disney track to most likely be seen on workout playlists across the globe. Need motivation? Mulan. Always Mulan.


Frozen came out in 2013. Six years later and Let It Go still plays in stores/bars/clubs/pubs/shopping centres across Australia at least twice a day. That is some serious staying power, you guys.

Everything about Frozen was a runaway success, so naturally both the movie and the soundtrack went on to win Oscars, Golden Globes and practically any statue people could piff in its direction.


Lin-Manuel Miranda is having a bit of a mo’ at the mo’ – he’s absolutely everywhere.

And what happens when Lin-Manuel jumps on board a soundtrack that also features The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson? The most bizarrely perfect match you never thought you needed. Rock on.


How is it possible that a movie which came out when I was negative-25 years old can produce songs that still, to this very day, have me absent-mindedly humming along on a regular basis? Well played Disney you sneaky little duck.

The Jungle Book‘s a timeless classic and its soundtrack is that and then some.


I kid you not, any time You’ve Got a Friend in Me comes on (regardless of where I am or what I’m doing), I have an almost irresistible urge to drop everything I’m doing, lock myself in my room for four days straight and watch Toy Story on repeat. Oddly specific anecdote, I know, but why do you think I got fired from my last job? Turns out you can’t take four days off work to watch Toy Story and claim it’s a ‘legitimate illness’. Sticklers.

The best news out of all of this is that most (if not all) of the soundtracks are available on whatever streaming service you have, so get around it.

P.s. I know this wasn’t a ranking of any sorts but my personal favourite Disney soundtrack of all time is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And no, I’m not answering any questions on the matter.