PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Disney to look back on all ya fave Disney and Pixar flicks.

I spent the majority of my childhood watching sequels on VHS. I’m not even talking about well-known sequels either – think The Brave Little Toaster Goes To MarsReturn To Oz and Aladdin & The King of Thieves.

Trust me, if you dug into our big blue box of tapes, you were bound to stumble across something you might have never heard of.

pls tell me someone remembers these lil guys?

Because of this, I’ve developed a fondness for sequels. Sure, the first movie out of the gate usually gets the bulk of the glory but personally I live for the follow-up.

Not only are you getting a new storyline based on characters you already froth, but you’re also adding an extra hour-or-two to the whole viewing experience set in that exact same universe.

Look, I don’t have to sell them to you – they’re great by their own standards. So, here are a few sequels that are deserving of as much love as the OG flicks.



The first Pirates Of The Caribbean film was like nothing my 14-year-old peepers had ever witnessed.

The second film of the franchise took that initial experience, threw in Bill Nighy as the delightful villain for good measure and proceeded to blow my young mind.

I don’t care what anyone says, put Johnny Depp‘s Jack Sparrow in any upcoming movie and I wouldn’t even be mad. Confused, sure – but definitely not mad.


Toy Story 2 is an absolute banger. That’s a given.

However, the moment that it evolves from an absolute banger into an off-the-charts runaway success fizzles down to one exact moment – the painting of Woody’s shoe.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt that level of satisfaction in my life and I don’t think I ever will again.


I liken the entire High School Musical franchise to a giant pot of cheese fondue: yes, I’m going to devour the entire thing and feel hesitant doing it but I’d be hard-pressed to feel any sort of remorse over the matter.

High School Music 3: Senior Year is no exception. The metaphorical cheese is there in bucketloads – nobody, and I mean nobody, breaks into choreographed song-and-dance  – and it’s even more enjoyable than the first two.

Fun little tidbit: it was also the first of the franchise to premiere on the big screen. That’s how much of a cult following the Wildcats garnered.


13 years I patiently waited for Finding Dory.

13 years. To put that into context, I saw Finding Nemo when I was 11 and elbowed kids out of the way to see Finding Dory when I was 24. I’m not necessarily proud of it but you best believe I got the prime spot in the cinema to fulfil my childhood dreams.

I’d easily wait another 13 years to see a third instalment too.


The Princess Diaries franchise will surely be found in history books as the numero uno example of movies done right.

Not only did it give us the onscreen chemistry of Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, it also gave me hope that one day, some snooty-but-loveable royal would come and inform me that I’m the ruler an entire country (preferably Croatia for the sun but I’m open to alternatives).


I actually credit The Tigger Movie for helping me understand the concept of empathy.

If you haven’t seen it then brace yourselves: our beloved mate Tigger sets out to find his family only to fail miserably. After his close friends disguise themselves as fellow Tiggers to make OG Tigger feel better, he finds out they were downright lying but then, then he realises that his true family were there all along – ALL OF HIS MATES.

Touching. Heartbreaking. Uplifting. I still get goosies.


As was the case with Finding Dory, Pixar took their sweet time getting the Monsters Inc. sequel out to the masses but just like Finding Dory, Monsters University was well worth the wait.

I reckon it’s a testament to the quality of the films that a full-grown adult like myself can get so much enjoyment out of a supposed ‘kids’ film.

I’d go so far as to say these movies are usually the highlight of my year but I don’t wanna risk sounding like I have no life.

Image: Disney