Black Widow’s Sister Duo Depicts Sibling Rivalry Bang-On (Minus All The Spies And Guns)

Black Widow sister

After watching Marvel Studios’ Black Widow and sitting in silence pondering for a few hours, it suddenly struck me as to why I found a movie crammed with impossible action sequences and Russian spies so relatable.

If you’re yet to see it (outrageous, head to Disney+ right now), you’ll know that beneath all of the chaos and assassination attempts, Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow and Florence Pugh‘s Yelena Belova are typical sisters.

Sure, few of us have spy training, nor have we plummeted through the sky after a catastrophic explosion, however throughout the movie, there are glimpses of Black Widow and Yelena being very normal siblings in every sense of the word.

Come, I plan to show you why superheroes are just like us.

The jabs

Black Widow is crammed with sisterly jabs (both metaphorical and physical), with the most obvious example being their near-fatal brawl when Black Widow finds Yelena hiding out in her Budapest home.

I definitely haven’t experienced that level of intensity with any of my siblings, however, there was a particular incident where a banana was thrown at the head of another sibling.

I’m not naming which sibling threw the banana, but at least it had a softer connection than some of Black Widow and Yelena’s blows.

The bants

After the initial ~minor~ altercation in Budapest, we see Yelena and Black Widow bonding the way siblings know best — over a cheeky pint.

Would I feel comfortable consuming alcohol before hunting down (and/or avoiding) monsterous villains? Well actually, maybe, a little buzz would’ve taken the edge off.

Well played, you two. Prost.

The wardrobe theft

This is tricky as I don’t want to give any easter eggs away, so all I’ll say is….nice vest.

The joint eye-roll

Rachel Weisz and David Harbour making inappropriate jokes at the dinner table and embarrassing their kids will give everyone hectic flashbacks to their own childhood.

At one point, I do believe, Yelena grabs a bottle of vodka and storms off coz she’s over their nonsense, which again — painfully relatable.

Side note: imagine having dinner with Rachel Weisz? She could kick me in the shin and I’d laugh like she just told the most entertaining anecdote that ever existed.

The unconditional love

The entire story arc of Black Widow truly showcases every aspect of a sibling dynamic.

You could hate each other’s guts in the moment, but when the dust has settled (from falling debris and people), you’re still going to love them unconditionally.

Again, no spoilers, but the very end of Black Widow is heart-shattering.

Or is it?

Catch Marvel Studios’ Black Widow at the cinemas (if you can) or Disney+ Premium Access right now.