5 Ways To Make Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ Concert Feel Like You’re There In The Flesh

Happier Than Ever

Ever since I heard Billie Eilish‘s ‘Bellyache’ blasting out of the radio, my brain was not the same. Did I also want to mosey down a desert street in fluorescent yellow, singing about dead mates I had in my car boot? Perhaps, but more importantly, I just dug the music.

It’s wild to think how far our cherished Billie has come since releasing her first EP at the age of 14, a whole five years ago. In that time, Billie’s dropped a Grammy Award(s) winning debut album, pumped out a theme song for the coveted Bond franchise and recently released her second body of work, ‘Happier Than Ever’.

Now, us Aussies know that live music is pretty much off the cards for the time being, and I have a hunch Billie was holding a glass to the wall because she’s giving us a lil treat – a full-blown cinematic live performance of ‘Happier Than Ever’, exclusively on Disney+.

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles is premiering on Disney+ TODAY, so to ensure you don’t miss out on the best possible viewing and listening experience, here are a few tips to make it feel exactly like you’re standing in a crowded audience, occasionally touching elbows with a stranger in that oddly intimate moment that convinces you it’s love.

1. Sound, babay

Your neighbours will forgive you for cranking up the volume for a couple of hours to watch the extravaganza, so at the very least, perhaps you could write a little apology note in advance? Just slip it under your neighbours’ doors after you’ve finished watching it and have absolutely zero regrets.

Or, if you’re sharing a house with people who sleep at weird hours, grab your finest pair of headphones and crank it to 11. Your ears deserve this, don’t do ’em dirty.

2. Gig-worthy food & bevs

What’s a live show without all the grotsky food that makes a live show? Duck to the shops, hunt down some hotdogs and fresh hotdog buns, scoot to the freezer section and buy bulk chips and bam – an unhealthy – but true-to-form – live gig experience.

For beverages, make the most of the at-home experience and buy any drink they sell at a show. You’ll save a pretty penny, too. $10 for a bottle of water? Outrageous.

3. Lowered inhibitions

People, you’re seeing Billie belting out her new album at the Hollywood Bowl – act like it.

If you’re usually quite uptight when it comes to shout-singing and throwing yourself around like a rag doll, what better way to let your hair down than in the comfort of your own home? No strangers staring at you for having the coordination of a twig, no one telling you to shut up because they can’t hear the music – you’re free.

4. Housemates who are on your level

If you live with one or two people and music isn’t really their cup of tea (red flag), make sure that if they watch it with you, they’re ready to scream like they’ve just broken their knee when Billie comes on the screen.

There’s nothing worse than trying to vibe out while people are just sitting there silent, disapproving. If they’re not on your level, politely ask them to sod off to their rooms for a couple of hours.

5. Rehearsals

If you haven’t already listened to ‘Happier Than Ever’ upwards of 20 times, it’s not too late. Listen to the album front-to-back, as that’s exactly how Billie will be performing the concert.

If I hear one misspoken lyric then you’re banned from future viewing parties.

Prepare your earholes and keep an eye out for Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, streaming exclusively on Disney+ now.