PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Disney+ to help you embrace your inner salty queen, and celebrate the release of Cruella, out May 27th.

As kids, we’re all taught that revenge is never the answer. We’re constantly told that being the bigger person and rising above negative situations is always the right thing to do. However, as you grow up and endure the general bitterness / unfairness of life, it all becomes very apparent that sometimes a dose of pettiness is the only acceptable remedy to certain circumstances.

Revenge can come in many forms, and sometimes it’s just about proving yourself in the eyes of those who might have undervalued you. In this case, I’m honestly convinced there is nothing more satisfying in life than seeing the fruits of your salty labour work their magic – which is basically the crux of Cruella, Disney’s brand-spanking-new live-action film that dives into the backstory of Cruella de Vil, that you’ll be able to catch in cinemas or via Disney+ Premier Access from May 28th.

Cruella is, in short, an iconic, salty queen.

She seeks to show up those who’ve underestimated her with a powerful combo of spice and drama, and never fails to serve it all with an incredible outfit as a side-dish. It truly begs the question – is revenge really bad if you’re backing yourself? And if you’re not breaking any laws or physically hurting anyone, is it really all that punishable?

Since we’ve all gone that extra step to seek closure, here are 7 people on the pettiest revenge plans they’ve ever pulled off or have bared witness to.

“A friend of mine found out her BF was cheating and active on the apps while they were together. So, she created a fake profile, matched with him, set up a date and met him at a restaurant to confront him about it all. It was like something out of a reality show – wine was thrown, and people watched on in horror.” – Poppy

“I was unfairly dismissed from my job – I had quit and provided ample notice that I was leaving. However, a senior staff member who really didn’t like me basically kicked me out of the office then and there over a phone call after he’d found out I quit. I was really close with most people I worked with, and I just happened to get booted on a day where most people weren’t in the office.

Considering there had been months of built-up tension (a lot of drama had gone down), I decided I’d take my pick at a few things the CEO had been gifted over the years. I took at least four vinyl, a microphone and a pair of headphones that had never been opened. He probably never noticed they were gone, but it felt good in the heat of the moment.” – Sarah

“My good friend and I caught our ex out with a new girl. We’d both been hurt by him in the past, so we were ready to pounce as soon as we saw it. We saw on Facebook that she had a boyfriend currently. We called the BF on Facebook messenger and told him the whole story and sent him the photo of the girl and our ex together. It was so messy, probably over-complicated our lives a bit, but hey, what’s life without a bit of chaos.” – Brianna

“My sisters used to always try to steal my lollies after they’d finish theirs, and I never let them even though I didn’t even like lollies that much. When I cleaned out my childhood room in my early 20s, I found my old stash of ’90s lollies.” – Sam

“There was a period where my house would routinely steal stuff from our friend’s house as a joke. But like, small stuff. Stuff you would think they wouldn’t notice. I think one day they got fed up and managed to yank our Xbox and claimed they didn’t have it for weeks which sent us insane.” – Tim

“My brother has a bank of my old selfies – terrible, 2011 Instagram-filter selfies that are really close up and awful. Anyway, I totally missed his 19th birthday which was really terrible of me, to be honest. To get back at me, he sent a bunch of them to the guy I was talking to at the time (who he semi-knew through school).” – Kate

“A girl I went to uni with got a job in my dream company with literally zero experience. It made me feel really bad about myself as I was pretty behind in my career at the time. Her old IG feed was not the most flattering thing in the world – there were a bunch of cringe and straight-up…wild high school photos on there. She’d since started a fresh one, but this was still all eyes for the public, so let’s just say I made it known to her new boss.” – Emma

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