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Everyone’s got a question surrounding all things sex – whether that’s about vaginés, peens or giving those things a rub n’ tug. People might feel uncomfortable asking such questions tho – almost as if they feel like they should already know but missed the boat somewhere along the way – which is why we’re serving you up the answers here.

Don’t thank us – thank sexologist Nikki Goldstein for your new-found info. Homegirl knows her shit. See her take on everything from wanking “too much” to vaginal aesthetics and sleeping with the ex in the video below.

Hungry for more info on your burning questions? New series SMILF, streaming only on Stan, plays out all of your queries above in relatable scenarios on-screen. It’s about a single mum who’s navigating all things sex, masturbation and dealing with exes with her lil’ one along for the ride. It’s fucking funny. She even rubs one out to Australia‘s own Samara Weaving, who plays baby-daddy’s new girl, so there’s that. But as Nikki said in the video above, masturbating relentlessly is completely fine. Catch up here.