There are an absolute shit tonne of sites and apps on the world wide web these days that are purely geared towards helping you find that ~special someone~, (or more often, that next quick root) but I’d bet a fiver that the first one that comes to your mind isn’t Twitter.

The social media platform, more known for enabling death threats and memes than true romance, isn’t general considered a dating site but that hasn’t stopped Twitter user Llia Apostolou from snagging herself a hubby via a joke tweet three years ago.
The yarn goes that back in 2014 Llia tweeted out a request for last minute date for an upcoming wedding (a wildly reckless move considering the amount of scummy men online imho), and ended up going on a date with one of the dudes who responded.

Jump ahead to 2017, and lo and behold, Llia and Phil have gone and bloody well gotten hitched haven’t they!

Firstly I’ve met two ex-boyfriends via Twitter and they both fucking sucked so this is bullshit, and secondly, NAAAAAWWWWWWWW.
The takeaway here is the next time someone slides into your DMs with a “hey, you up?”, you better hit that reply button ASAP, cause that thirsty individual, may just be your future hubby.
(Zac Efron, if you’re reading this, here’s my Twitter.)
Picture: Twitter / Phil Gibson.