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Sydney is just one big ol’ date buffet, isn’t it.

Even after right swiping for a whole hour on a lonely night, there’s still a plethora of options (read: sexc humans) waiting should your matches go to shit. This is something to be grateful for. A friend of mine showed me how many options you’ll encounter on a dating app in a more regional area (let’s just say it rhymes with Pentral Shmoast) and, let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.

Back to the point, because I really feel like I have one. With right swipes happening on the reg, it can feel like you’re going so many please-marry-me outings that somehow it actually became routine. To avoid any awkward venue double ups (oh I think I’ve been here before…. um, with Matt Tinder #2), it’s best to keep your date suggestions diverse. Plus, a lot of the time in this (disgustingly ruthless) dating circuit you’ve only got one chance to show off that you’re hot property, and sometimes that just can’t come out as well over dinner and drinks.

So buckle in, upgrade your undies game and check out Sydney’s more different, unusual, liked hotspots for tuning.


55 Holt Street, Surry Hills

Photo: Facebook / Cork and Chroma

Let’s cast our mind back to Matty J and G-Love Lookalike‘s first date on The Bachelor – it involved art and like, surely booze, because how else did they get through that shit? Anyway, we all know how that turned out – making out, happily ever after and, of course, temporary validation from thousands of new Instagram followers.

Tucked away in Sydney’s v. cool Surry Hills (yes P.TV is based here, yes I am biased), is a relaxed, BYO art studio dubbed Cork and Chroma. Not even kidding. Legit bring along a bottle of wine and they’ll sort of the rest so you can follow your heart / art. You’ll also take the masterpieces home so you have something remember each other by, and we’re not talking about an unwanted pregnancy. Seriously though, wear condoms, I don’t care how dope his art is.


85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery

Photo: Facebook / Archie Rose Distilling Co.

And look, technically this one’s “drinks” BUT it’s drinks with personality. In one of the sickest venues about town, the distillery is a gin lover’s slurpy heaven. There’s not much around in the industrial area, which means the idea of kick-ons won’t just fall on your lap and help you call in sick for work the next day. Sounds like an ideal combo to me.

You might also remember Georgia Love taking Matty J on a date here during Bachie-ette. I’m sorry, I work exclusively in pop culture memories. Only the best for our Pedestrian audience.


387 King St, Newtown

Photo: Instagram / @samofsydney

Kidulting takes its finest form in Holey Moley – a colourful bar / restaurant complete with putt putt (9 or 18 hole packages available) and karaoke rooms (probs not for a first date but you do you). It’s also filled with a lot of punny signage which P.TV are huge fans of, as opposed to live, laugh, love decals that belong in the bin. You can drink while you mingle and also test out your date’s anger management skills. Seems like a goodie to me.

Someone who’s also a fan is vlogger Asha Tregear. She recently teamed up with Rimmel London‘s new 25HR Lasting Finish Breathable foundation and concealer to take her subscribers on her fave hotspots throughout Syd, including the holiest, moliest destination, Holey Moley. See it below.

That, right there, is light, long-lasting makeup that will do it’s damn job on a night out. (And maybe even morning too.)


Image: The Bachelor / Channel Ten