Oh my lord, a couple just very publicly broke up via Twitter and the entire thread is absolutely friggin’ glorious.

First, meet our star players: @nohidea_, otherwise known as ‘your dad‘, and @youknowlimbo, otherwise known as ‘limbo‘. (I don’t know their real names and nor do I care do at this point.)

Until extremely recently, @nohidea_ and @youknowlimbo were a couple, until @nohidea_, a failed financial advisor-turned-Soundcloud musician, decided to start publicly mouthing off about how others, too, can follow their artistic dreams.

Apart from that being flat-out insane financial advice to anyone who doesn’t live in a cardboard box, it turns out that @nohidea_ isn’t actually telling the whole truth, and @youknowlimbo’s parents are paying two thirds of their rent.

And then @nohidea_ posted a receipt as was like, “I paid $500 today what are you doing” and she was like, “Uhhh rent is $2400.”

One person asked if these two could take this conversation to their DMs or even to each others’ faces and @youknowlimbo was like, NOPE, he’s locked himself in the spare room.

So next minute, they broke up, and here @nohidea_ is, STILL TALKING ABOUT IT. So @youknowlimbo comes in to correct him, again.

FWIW, @youknowlimbo manages to balance her art with an actual, full-time job.

Honestly, maybe we’re all just a little starved for drama in this mind-numbing existence, but people were absolutely living for this breakup.

Other people’s shit is just SO good sometimes, you know?

Image: Bruce Almighty