I never thought something I would write would cause people to rub one out, but today is a special day. Pornhub is soothing the lonely souls this Valentine’s Day by turning its premium service into a pleb-friendly freebie for 24 hours.

Yes, that means you can finally watch the full-lengths of all your privately-stored free preview videos, following your favourite character’s archs, neck, pussy, crack.

Because nothing’s sexier than a stat, Pornhub has released V Day’s trending search terms, and it turns out we’re all horny romantics. ‘Valentine’, ‘cupid’, ‘love’ and ‘massage’ all surged in popularity, as did ‘cuckold’, which we don’t need to talk about. Here’s the full list:

True fans would know that this freebie is an annual treat: last year, Pornhub saw premium use jump 305 per cent.

Apparently the horniest country was Chile, which upped its porn intake 7,288 per cent. Central and South America were big fans of the free high-definition porn actually: Chile was followed by Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador, but I know we can break the ranks this year. Go the gold, Australia. Go the gold.

Image credit: American Pie

Source: Mashable