If you’re single and regularly mingling, there’s a fair chance you’ve had some stinking dates.
You know the ones. Like when your date talks exclusively about themselves for a two-hour dinner, or they can’t look you in the eye for more than a second at a time, or they smell weird. In the worst cases, you may cop a clapped-out combination of all three. 
In short, there’s a whole collection of turn-offs that can make dating feel more like navigating a cringebomb minefield than an enjoyable social outing. 
While these shit bits are part and parcel of the process, what should never be tolerated is being made to feel unsafe on a date.
don’t underestimate vibes
A venue called The Iberian Rooster in St. Petersburg, Florida, has taken an unusual (but clever) approach to ensuring their patrons have exit strategies if they find themselves in the above situation.
They’ve got these posters up in the female bathrooms affording them a discreet way of asking for help if they feel uncomfortable:

So if they feel a bit stuck, women can ask the bartender for an ‘angel shot’. If they ask for it ‘neat’, the bartender will escort them to their car. ‘With ice’ signals that they want the bartender to order them an Uber, and ‘with lime’ is code for call the cops.
Even if a minimal amount of women actually use the service, it symbolises a growing acknowledgement of the prevalence of sexual assault, and provides a well-meaning strategy. Two important steps indeed.
Some Twitter users are skeptical of the bar’s tactics:

At the end of the day, it’s always better to put your safety ahead of the risk of offending someone, no?
Source: Twitter.
Photo: 27 Dresses.