It’s not often I get to write the spicy Bachie content but hoo boy, I’m so glad that the one time I do, it’s about the queen herself. Keira Maguire.

The one, the only, one of the most divisive and frankly under-appreciated Bachelor alum to have walked the rose-laden path.

We had the chance to have a chinwag with Keira when she popped on the PEDESTRIAN.TV dating podcast, Waiting For A D8, and she’s made it clear that while she knows what she wants, everything is about timing.

I’m ready, Keira. I’m ready.

After upheaving her life and relocating down to Melbourne to be with her (now ex) boyfriend Jarrod Woodgate, Keira spoke of how isolating it had been to be in a new place without a solid support group around her.

“When I’m in a relationship I isolate myself and I pretty much give up my life for that guy,” she said. “I let myself become completely dependent on him.”

Girl, we’ve all been there. But from the sounds of things she’s doing much better now and has really settled in to her friend group – not to mention a life in Melbourne that feels more comfortable now.

“As soon as I broke up with Jarrod I started to live again.”

Would you just look at this adorable sunflower.

Dating isn’t necessarily on her radar right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s closed off to the possibility.

Most notably though, she spoke of her hesitation to do another dating reality show. Having now been on The Bachelor, Bachelor In Paradise and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Keira is no stranger to the reality TV circuit, but she noted that watching Bachelor In Paradise with her ex definitely contributed to the eventual breakdown of their relationship.

“If I was to do a dating show I’d never watch it back – and I’d never do Bachelor In Paradise again”. Laughing, she insisted, “I’ve already done it, babe, I don’t wanna go backwards. You don’t go backwards in life.”

And it really does chuck you in a position where TBH you’d struggle to cope even on the best of days. Competing with a group for love is bloody stressful if you ask me.

And apparently Keira agrees, telling us how the intensity had affected her – “Being on Bachelor In Paradise, I was so vulnerable.”

Same, girl. Same.

But the question that remains on everyone’s lips is: would she consider doing The Bachelorette? Could we be hearing her iconic insults back on rose-covered screens soon?

Let’s be honest, half the reason a season full of Keira appeals is because she’s got such a gift for a well-placed barb. We’re into it, TBH.

Hello and welcome to my everyday vocabulary.

“Bachelorette I probably would do but I don’t know. But my concern is I’m probably gonna have a boyfriend by then! If I don’t have a boyfriend I feel like it would make sense for me to do it, but at the same time it’s all about timing. It’s all circumstantial,” she said.

And she’s not unfamiliar with how divided Australia‘s perception of her has been – in fact, it’s not a surprise to her at all. So it’s something to consider when you’re contemplating putting your face on television in the hope of finding a cute partner to smewch passionately.

“I’m one of those people you either love or hate. I’m very polarising.”

But finding love conventionally (or at least as conventionally as you can in 2018, the year of the DM slide) isn’t the easiest of things when you’ve been on TV anyway.

So, are people actually sliding into her DMs? She revealed, “You know what, not enough! I was expecting a few more people. I don’t really feel like Instagram is the place to meet people, although I’m not gonna knock it back if there’s a honey I’d like, you know?”

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Either way, we’d definitely be down to see Keira make a return to the lil’ silver screen as Bachelorette. Bring on the snark, in bucketloads pls.

In the meantime, if you wanna hear more from Keira, pleasure your ears with the Waiting For A D8 podcast.

Image: Instagram / @keiramaguire