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There are many cardinal sins when it comes to playing the holy game of Tinder. Personally, I put not writing a bio (air of mystery does nothing for me, mate) right up there with posting a pic of yourself with a b-grade celeb (no fully grown adult should stalk another fully grown adult even if they do play football real good).

But what’s the ultimate transgression against divine online dating law? Well, according to resident Tinder Expert and strangely loveable redhead, Michael Beveridge, it’s making a group photo your profile pic.


Groupé fiasco.

Posted by on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

I happen to wholeheartedly agree (just in case the opinion of a judgemental twentysomething and occasional dater matters at all to you). Nothing makes me swipe left faster or harder than having to analyse the face of not one but seven festival-going mugs smeared in glitter (FYI it’s really bad for the environment boys and girls, try and doof responsibly next time.)

As Michael explains, a group photo is “like a buffet and nothing is labelled”. Avoid being someone’s unidentifiable breakfast sausage.

The key takeaway: Tinder is a place for you to be unapologetically selfish. It’s your show, and your stage, so don’t be afraid of the limelight. No one wants to meet your motley crew of high school friends until you’re at least two months into dating and have been invited for a parma at the pub.

Lastly, if you really don’t have any decent pics of ya face sans friend, don’t – for the love of the swipe – post a selfie with your supermodel mate who makes you look like the Danny DeVito to their Arnie Schwarzennegger. Try and give yourself some sort of leg up, legend.