Over in the UK, three lifelong pals decided to move in together in a bid to keep each other company, drink wine and binge Netflix amid social-isolation. If this ain’t a huge quarantined Friday mood, I don’t know what is.

Doreen, Dotty and Carol from north England – all in their 70s – took to the BBC Breakfast to talk about the decision.

“[We decided that we would spend] a week in our own homes, in self-isolation, 7 days” Doreen told BBC’s Jayne McGubbin, speaking about the initial preparation, “and then if we’re still fit and well, we would decide which house we’re gonna go and live in.”

Doreen ended up winning, as she has a front room – “in case we get touchy with each other” – and Netflix, to bing The Crown, obviously.

“I’ve heard about the wine,” Jayne told the trio, at one point. “I believe it’s the only thing you’ve been panic buying.”

The lovely ladies lifted up their mini-bottles and empty glasses in response: “Cheers.” What a bunch of legends. These three are really highlighting how important it is to surround yourself with mates (responsibly, of course) during this period of uncertainty. And to enjoy a coupla mini bottles of Yellowglen.

Check out the beautiful chat below. Save some of that chardy for me, Doreen, Dotty and Carol.

Coronavirus | Isolating with friends

???????? Lifelong friends Doreen, Dotty and Carol have been through divorce and loss together. Now they're planning on getting through isolation together, literally ⤵️

Posted by BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Let’s pour one out for our fellow quarantined pals tonight.

Image: BBC Breakfast