The Australian Medical Association President Tony Bartone has called for Melbourne to be put into a stage four lockdown folloing the state’s rising death toll.

As the name suggests, the AMA is the leading medical body in Australia, so they know a thing or two about health. But before you freak out and panic buy a year’s supply of toot paper, it’s important to note that just because Bartone recommends it, doesn’t mean the Andrews government will actually implement it.

In an interview with Sky News, Bartone recommended putting the state under stricter restrictions after Victoria recorded an additional 300 cases on Friday.

“We were told at the start of lockdown that this would go for six weeks and it is very clear that we need every bit of those six weeks and more given the rate of infections in Victoria,” he said.

“We need to use all available resources to quash this virus. Victorians are fully feeling the strain and anguish of this lockdown and everyone needs to do their bit. If there is a need to impose stricter restrictions then let’s do so.”

In much more simple terms, Bartone told News Corp that  “this is bloody serious, we need a circuit breaker.”

Under a proposed Stage 4 lockdown, non-essential workers would be unable to leave the home except for purchasing food or medicine.

You can read more about exactly how a Stage 4 lockdown would look below.