ACT residents in quarantine have been kindly asked to wear clothes during routine check-ins from police after some people – yes, more than one – apparently answered the door stark naked over the weekend.

While conducting COVID quarantine compliance checks throughout the capital, ACT cops were apparently given a “few surprises” as people in isolation opened the door in the nud. Full anoos-out, nudie rudie in the middle of a Canberra winter. I can’t even begin to imagine the logic behind it, quarantine or not.

In a statement released on Monday, Detective Superintendent Jason Kennedy said the COVID-19 task force has had to remind people to please not answer the door buck naked while they’re out there checking in on their quarantine stay.

“I’d also particularly like to thank the people in isolation for the warm reception they’ve shown police,” he said.

“Although some of them may need a reminder to put some clothes on before they open the door for a compliance check. We did get a few surprises on the weekend.”

Imagine that, showing up to someone’s house only to have them answer the door with their pink bits out. I mean I don’t want to say The Simpsons predicted this one but…

act quarantine canberra covid checks naked
If the pants fit, right?

Apart from the surprise nudies (which is both very funny and kinda unsettling), Chief Police Officer Neil Gaughan said there was a “100% compliance” of all returning ACT residents that have had to quarantine either at home or in hotels.

At the time of writing, the ACT currently has five active cases, with zero new recorded cases from the last 24 hours.

Image: FOX / The Simpsons