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I will never stop raving about the pure joy that is travelling solo. That’s not to say that other types of travel aren’t also great, but when you go it alone you have a unique experience of the place that you just can’t get otherwise.

You’ll notice more about your surroundings, be more open to meeting new people and reach a level of self-understanding you never can while surrounded by a group. Allow me to prove my point with this bunch of Queensland experiences that are completely different and unforgettable when you go it alone.


Nothing is more meditative than a solo hike through a particularly beautiful part of nature, and I will not hear otherwise. It’s amazing how much more you’ll notice when you’re not inevitably locked in conversation with hiking mates.

Moran Falls

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A hike that ends in a waterfall is pure bliss. What better place to contemplate life than atop the natural infinity pool of Moran Falls, overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests of Lamington National Park. Listen out for all the bird calls as you walk the four-and-a-half kilometre walking track, as it’s home to 160 species of sub-tropical birds, including the Albert’s Lyrebird.

Other special mention waterfalls include Australia’s tallest single-drop waterfall, Wallaman Falls, just a couple of hours from Townsville, and Kondalilla Falls in Montville near Noosa.

Behana Gorge

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A 45-minute hike up the iconic Walsh’s Pyramid mountain just outside of Cairns will bring you to the beauty that is Behana Gorge. The trail is paved, so it’s perfect for solo hikers of any level, and the wildlife is abundant for the quiet solo hiker who keeps their eyes peeled – including large goannas.

Definitely pack your cozzies as there are many small picturesque creeks and waterholes. However, the white water rapids, waterfalls and calm swimming holes at the top take the cake.

Burleigh Heads National Park

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I’ve got two words to say to you, mates: humpback whales. Which is exactly what you can spot if you hit up the already gorgeous Burleigh Heads National Park as they migrate in winter and spring. If this is your jam (and how couldn’t it be?) Tumgun Lookout is a must.

There are several stunning walks you can take through this coastal park. They cater to different fitness levels too, so you’ll find one that suits you. It’s got about everything: lush rainforest, eucalypt forest, wild grassland, coastal habitats and ancient volcanic columns, all with an ocean vista. If you’re after a particularly scenic swim, get yourself to Talle Creek.


Sure, you could hit a wellness retreat with just about anyone, but if you’re truly looking to disconnect, recharge and not have to worry about coming up with good chat – why wouldn’t you go by your fabulous self?

Greenhouse the Bathhouse

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If you’re more of a day-tripper when it comes to spas and rejuvenation then Greenhouse the Bathhouse is your answer. This Moroccan-inspired bathhouse in the beautiful surroundings of Burleigh Heads will not only give you the massage of your dreams, but it also gives you exclusive use of its hydrotherapy spas, eucalyptus wet steam room, sauna and outdoor magnesium plunge pool for two to three hours.

The owners also run a much-loved vegan restaurant, Greenhouse Canteen, so the Bathhouse packages including plant-based lunch options are well worth it.

Alamanda Day Spa

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Just picture yourself completely relaxed and loosey-goosey after your massage, swimming around your own personal infinity rooftop pool, sipping herbal tea and overlooking the palm trees and long sandy beach of Palm Cove. This is exactly what you get from Alamanda Palm Cove Day Spa.

Treat yourself to anything that suits your pamper style, from a facial to a fully indulgent three-and-a-half hour cleansing of your body, mind and spirit.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

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If you’re ready to treat you’self (because look, you’ve earned it), Gwinganna’s Lifestyle Retreat is exactly what you need.

Hidden in the Gold Coast hinterlands with amazing ocean and valley views, the retreat is completely ecotourism certified. This is your full body and soul cleanse, from massages to organic food menus. They have a huge range of packages, from a weekend stay to a full seven days – depending on the level of chill you require. It’s also partly owned by Hugh Jackman, just saying.


Setting your own road trip schedule? Heck, getting rid of the schedule altogether and just stopping wherever your heart desires? That’s true freedom. Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation is hands-down the best road trip for your solo adventure. There are so many stops to make along the way, you’ll never feel tired.

Crossing the river into the Daintree is actually one of those ‘lost-for-words’ moments. The density of the rainforest here just transports you back in time to the point that driving through is awe-inspiring. You feel small in all the best ways.

It’s absolutely your show so you can stop wherever you want, but I have a few suggestions for you.

Mossman Gorge

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If you want to understand the ancient rainforest around you, absolutely make a stop at Mossman Gorge for a Ngadiku Guided Dreamtime Walk. A local Kuku Yalanji guide will share with you some of the knowledge, traditions, stories and legends from the area. It’s guaranteed to have you seeing nature in a whole new light. You have all the free time you want to explore the rest of the gorge on your own afterward too.

Daintree Ice Cream Company

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What’s so unique about ice cream, I hear you cry? Since 1933 Daintree Ice Cream Company has been making their goods from exotic fruit organically grown and farmed in their own orchards. The ingredients and their flavours literally can’t be found anywhere else.

All their ice creams, sorbets and gelatos are handmade on-site using traditional methods. They’re also totally committed to conserving the environment around them – from organic farming methods to revegetation to create food and habitat for native animals. So that’s a guilt-free treat for you.

Daintree River Croc Tours

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Crocodiles are truly impressive to see in the wild, and there’s no better way to experience them in their natural habitat than under the guidance of a pro. Enter, Daintree River Tours. Their tour is actually two river cruises in one, led by experts and, best of all, done in a totally eco-friendly manner so you can observe these ancient creatures without leaving a footprint on their habitat.

If you’ve been nodding along the whole time, you clearly already know the magic of solo travel.

As for the rest of you?

You’re welcome.

Image: Tourism and Events Queensland/Jason Charles Hill