PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Tourism and Events Queensland to get you in the travel state of mind once again.

After the year we’ve had, no one can blame us if we just want to go out on a high.

Everyone deserves to have at least one great memory from 2020, so why not make it a lifechanging trip up to QLD? You can switch off completely as you sleep with the fishes (in a good way, I promise) and it’s the perfect opportunity to take inventory of the past few months while treating yourself in a way that you haven’t been able to for a while.

So, we’ve rounded up a few highlights that you truly can’t do or see anywhere else, so at least you’ll have something to add to your scrapbook after all.

Do people still scrapbook? Bring it back, I say.


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Nothing will wash away this year’s troubles like hightailing it out of there on a boat and sleeping under the stars (and stars you can actually see, too, none of this city semi-star bullplop).

Cruise Whitsundays Reefsleep gives you the rare opportunity to stay on the Great Barrier Reef, and when I say on, I mean you literally float on top of it.

Each patron gets their own private bed right on the ship’s deck and there are a tonne of additional activities you can do during your stay, like a cheeky little dive down where the action and the Little Mermaid‘s (allegedly) at.


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If you’ve saved a few extra pennies, Cruise Whitsundays gives you the additional opportunity of staying in your own private room undersea.

Hate to be that guy that references The Little Mermaid twice in the space of two minutes, but we all know it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me.

Obviously, you’ll be dry as a bone in your suite and comfy robe so you won’t actually be wetter, but you’ll be able to peer out your window and watch the sealife going about their day, running errands or whatever it is fish do these days.

There are a tonne of add-ons available if you truly want to go all out, too. After you’ve chowed down, you can check out the Great Barrier Reef from an ariel view (aka in a helicopter) and take a cheeky private trip to Heart Reef before coming back to have Reefworld all to yourself.

How often can you tell people you’ve slept in a bed underwater? Tick that off your bucket list pronto.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

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If your body, soul or creaky joints is in need of serious mending, the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (voted World’s Best Eco Spa just this year) is the place to do said mending.

If you take a peruse through the gallery (above), you might just recognise an ex-Survivor contestant hanging out there. If you want someone to endorse a wellness eco-resort, it’s a person who’s going to be recovering from being stranded on a deserted island for a long while.

In a way, haven’t we all been Survivor contestants this year? Think about it. We all deserve a trip to a wellness retreat.

There are also 14 different wellness packages to choose from when you arrive, ranging from the New Year Detox (everyone needs one of those, prove me wrong), The Equine Retreat (which incorporates equine learning with horses) and all the way to The Yoga Retreat, there’s legit something for everyone.


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You’ve heard of glamping by now, but have you ever seen it this stunning before?

Nightfall Camp takes a normal glamping trip, includes hardwood floors, a fireplace and a pair of bathtubs and transforms it into a place I’d seriously consider living out the rest of my days.

It’d be near-impossible to stress out in the slightest and after a night or two, you won’t even remember what you did in your pre-Nightfall life let alone what you worried about.

Right around the corner (a little over an hour away) is the famed Treetop Walk, which is a must if you used to watch George of the Jungle on repeat as a kid and just want to play in the trees like a carefree Brendan Fraser.

Just, uh, leave your mate who’s scared of heights at home. They will not have a good time.

Wait, no, changed my mind. Take them with you so they can get sick photos of you from the ground. It’s all about the angles.

Wilson Island Glamping

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Wilson Island had me at ‘adult-only private hideaway’.

Heading back to the Great Barrier Reef, this experience truly is the ultimate leave-your-kids-at-home getaway. The babysitter’s not going to judge you, either.

At Wilson Island, you can eat, sleep, chill and repeat until your wee heart’s content. If you feel up to going for a dip or watching some turtles during your stay, go for it. No one’s telling you how to live out your vacation though, so be as lazy or as productive as you want.

Again, we deserve it.

Image: Cruise Whitsundays