The dirty secret about the humble pie is that literally anything in it is good. Leftover stew, baked beans, coupla eggs and some bacon, doesn’t matter. Chuck it in a pastry case and it’s instantly elevated to god tier culinary fare. This is my firm belief, and one I will be sticking to. So of course it makes sense that someone up in Brisbane has gone ahead and created the Pad Thai Pie. It completely checks out.

Phat Elephant in Brisbane City has unveiled their newest, most devilish creation this morning, and it’s exactly what you think it is: A healthy serving of their standard Pad Thai, contained entirely within a peanut-crusted pastry casing. The result being a piping hot flakey pocket of the good stuff that you can confidently eat one-handed while striding around doing who knows what else.

Look at it. Look at the cross section. It holds its shape remarkably well.

Despite being almost violently opposed to the creation upon first glance, I have since come around: The pie is good. It should be celebrated. It is the exact bafflingly weird combination of flavours and techniques that any good pie should have.

The bad news, for any of you absolutely frothing to bung a truly illegal amount of tomato sauce on that bad boy, is that the Pad Thai Pie is only here for a very limited time: Phat Elephant began rolling them out today, and they’ll only be around until January 27th.

The good news is that they come in two varieties: Chicken Pad Thai, which will set you back $15.90, and Prawn Pad Thai, which costs $16.90.

So if you’re in the mood, and in the area, the world is your oyster. Or your traditional Thai dish mystifyingly shoved inside a versatile Australian standard. Or your whatever.

Image: Supplied