Dugongs are a bit adorable. I think my Editor described them best as the “fun little piggies of the sea”. They’re also very sadly on the threatened species list and often hard to find.

Unless of course, you’re around the Moreton Bay area just north of Brisbane, where these glorious sea cows are protected. As reported by the ABC Brisbane, they are back and hanging around Redcliffe, mates!

“The mum and her calf were spotted from the Jetty earlier this morning,” the posts says. “They were there for around an hour. They seem to be diving for food, playing and cuddling each other.”

LOOK AT THE BABY! And they’re cuddling each other? I. Am. Dead.

Dugongs only pop out a sprog every two and a half, to five years – and yes only one at a time – so it’s not like you get to swoon over a little one every day.

The Moreton Bay Marine Park, stretching along the South-East Queensland coastline, is a haven for a whole bunch of sea creatures, including turtles, wobbegong sharks, stingrays, manta ray, bottlenose dolphins, and whales during the season – so it’s a good place for wildlife spotting in general.

Image: Elizabeth Gardiner via ABC Brisbane