Hold on to your hats because I just found out about the natural light show that happens once a year in Queensland’s Capricorn Caves and it may just be the coolest thing ever.

What the heck is it? Well, during December and January (yes, we’re RIGHT in go-time) in the Southern Hemisphere, the alignment of the sun over the Tropic of Capricorn is such that a bright beam shines riiiight into the darkness of the 14-metre deep shaft that leads into Belfry Cave. And yes, Belfry is one of the caves making up Cathedral Caves.

The effect? A random beam of light that can be refracted into a legit natural disco ball, made from the sun, deep inside the earth. ALSO – apparently, when you stand in the main beam the colour of your clothes is reflected all around the cave. I’m totally nerding out on this, nature is COOL guys.

Legit though, feast your eyes:

Where is this magical disco cave? An easy half-hour drive out of Rockhampton.

The Cathedral Caves, in general, are very worth a visit, being one of the largest privately-owned cave systems in the country. This series of caves is set in a limestone ridge and occasionaly playing home to insectivorous bats. They also have accom and hold private functions and weddings.

For the light show though, you’ll need to book yourself onto the 11am Cathedral Cave Tour right bloody now.

Image: Facebook / Capricorn Caves