Tinsel Bar in Brisbane is the new place that does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s wall to wall tinsel, so bright that you’ll probably have to squint when the sun hits it the right/wrong way.

Sparkling its way into Hope St in South Brisbane, the bright and bubbly bar opens tonight, October 18, with a nostalgia-heavy menu that’s sure to slingshot you back to your childhood so hard you’ll get a sugar-rush and whiplash simultaneously.

If you’ve ever wanted to take your school’s canteen and soak it overnight in alcohol, this is the result. Tinsel Bar’s menu features fairy bread, Pop Rocks, and spaghetti jaffles for eats, and a bunch of cocktails including unicorn gin, boozed-up milkshakes, and a naughty adult version of the essential drink of summer – Cottee’s cordial.

The walls at Tinsel Bar are essentially made for the gram too, or potentially look like the inside of a Christmas-obsessed Gorman fanatic who’s had five coffees this morning: layers and layers of bright-coloured tinsel all flapping away in the Brisbane breeze. This is 100% not an insult, I fucken love it so much.

Look at that! Walls so bright your hangover will leave in protest, and pots full of coloured pencils because who knows when creativity will strike?

Tinsel Bar is opening from 5.30pm until well after Prime Possum/Big Dog tells us all to go to bed, every Friday and Saturday night. You can make a booking (probably essential) for your healthy lungful of that very good tinsel smell over on the bar’s website.

During the daylight hours? Tinsel Bar operates as The Tinsel Deli on weekdays between 9am – 2pm (prime school wagging time), serving up sandwiches, jaffles, salads, and snacks.

Oh, and as many PushPops you can buy with your pocket money.

Image: Facebook / The Tinsel Bar