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Sometimes you need some life advice from someone who isn’t, you know, ya mum. She’s great and all, but the woman’s far too biased.

Half the time she’s just happy to have kept you alive this long, and doesn’t really give a shit about your career (as long as it makes you happy, honey) and that’s if you’re lucky. On the flipside, they might find your creative pursuits a disappointment and continuously wish you had a more “practical” job. Oh the joy.

Anyway, below we’ve compiled some career and life advice for you, as well as how to overcome any hurdles in your way. OK, well not us per se, but really bloody successful people which is a lot better, innit.

Margaret Zhang, Photographer, Director, Model, Stylist and Writer

Photo: Supplied

The best way forward is to stop looking for tried and tested formulas or ready-made solutions to what you want to do. Just get it done, and make sure everything you take on is contributing towards a broader goal – where you want to be, who you want to be working with in 10 years time.

Gary Aspden, Adidas Brand Consultant

Photo: Instagram / @garyaspden

It’s nice to be nice.

Jack Manning Bancroft, Founder & CEO of AIME

Photo: Instagram / @aimementoring

People are going to keep telling you to fix your weaknesses, you are lucky if you have 3-4 strengths that separate you from the pack. Don’t spend your time refining your weaknesses so you can be average, go all in with your strengths and chase mastery.

The biggest challenge isn’t overcoming the significant moments, it’s actually waking up exhausted for a regular day and motivating yourself to make every moment count. Keep turning up.

Jake O’Leary, Global Head of Artist Marketing at YouTube Music

Photo: Instagram / @jake_oleary

Don’t dawdle – most young people in business don’t behave as if profit is a function of time.

Wanna hear more from these cultural innovators? You should head along to the inaugural FOREFONT Summit this July 19th. The above and then some – including KLP, Sarah Wyse (Wyse Women), Acyde (No Vacancy Inn) and Elizabeth Jens (NASA) – will be there imparting advice, insight and wisdom stemming from their hard-earned knowledge. See the full lineup, including that of the epic afterparty on the table too, below. Scope out the ticketing deets HERE.

Final Speaker Lineup:

(No Vacancy Inn)

Elizabeth Jens
(NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Gary Aspden

Jake O’Leary
(YouTube Music)

Lindsay Cornell

Margaret Zhang

Marina Go
(ASX Board Director)

Stuart Holt
(Javelin Block)

Charlotte Rey

Melvin Tanaya
(Song for the Mute)

Clare Press
(Wardrobe Crisis & Vogue)

Jack Manning Bancroft

Mark Wiedermann
(Frucor Suntory)

Sarah Wyse
(Wyse Women)

(Triple J)

Afterparty DJ Lineup


Night Tales

Dibby Dibby Sound System

+ Special Surprise Guest

Hosted by Kamaliza