It’s no secret the constantly changing face of technology is one of the biggest drivers in the changing demand of certain jobs, whether that’s because some are being automated or because others are being created to utilise this tech. So yup, jobs are changing not disappearing, so no need to panic. It just means you might want to consider a growing industry rather than a dying one.

So which industries will see the most job growth over the next few years? According to the 2018 Australian Jobs Report, while 16 out of a total 19 current Aussie industries are expected to see job growth, five, in particular, will really shine.

1. Healthcare And Social Assistance

The strong job growth in this industry is not going anywhere, according to the report. In fact, by the year 2022, jobs will have increased by 25%. A number that is a full 12% higher than number two on this list.

Aged and Disabled Carers, Registered Nurses, General Practitioners, and Resident Medical Officers all made the report’s top 10 list for jobs that will experience the largest increase in this time.

2. Professional, Scientific And Technical Services

This one seem a little broad? Yeah, I agree with you, but it’s looking at a 13% increase in jobs by 2022 so pay attention. Jobs in this industry include things like Accountants, Public Relations and Barristers, to Architects and Engineers, to Scientists and Geologists. Honestly, the list is so long there’s no way you won’t find something to love.

But specifically, the report’s top 10 jobs show Software and Applications Programmers, Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Managers, and General Clerks is where it’s really at over the next few years.

3. Construction

Construction comes in just below number two at a 12% increase by 2022. It’s not overly surprising, we’re always going to need to build things, right? The good thing about this industry is that getting involved could mean a huge variety of different roles. From Project Managers overseeing the whole shebang, to essential trades that get the job done.

4. Education And Training

It’s safe to say we’ll always have a demand for education, right? We can definitely know that’s the case for the next few years at least, with a 12% increase expected. The report shows that Child Carers and Education Aides will experience a particular peak in demand from now until 2022.

5. Accommodation And Food Services

I don’t think our love for travel and eating is going anywhere soon, do you? So it makes sense to me that Accommodation And Food Services is coming in hot as number five on the most job growth list at a 9% increase by 2022. This obviously includes roles like Server, Bar/ Restaurant Managers, Baristas, Chefs and a whole bunch of hospitality jobs. As well as roles like Hotel Managers and Receptionists on the accomm side.

Other Jobs To Watch

General Sales Assistants and Truck Drivers were both also featured on the report’s top 10 jobs to experience the most growth by the year 2022, so they’re both worth keeping an eye on as well.

Image: iStock Images / [monkeybusinessimages]