It’s a dream I often have while binging Project Runway: designing something brill and showing it off at the world’s biggest fashion events. Then I realise design is not my forte and I carry on with my life.

Someone who didn’t give up though? Young Sydneysider Tala Surace who at only 21 not only has her own genderless fashion label TalaMade but her new collection, 100.K ZONE, also just featured at New York Fashion Week. It’s fine that she’s achieved so much more than me in such a short time. FINE.


What makes it a particularly impressive accomplishment is the fact that only 10 independent designers around the world are chosen as ‘ones to watch’. Of those 10, TalaMade was the only Aussie label on the runway. Epic, right?

How the heck did Tala discover and nurture this obvious talent of hers?

“As a child, I grew up around my grandmothers who both shared a strong passion for sewing,” she explains. “Both watching and working on small projects with my grandmothers allowed me to create things that were quite eclectic (despite their small scale) and truly solidified my passion for conceptual thinking and the design process as a whole”.

Her passion for design only got stronger as she grew older, and she went on to study a Bachelor of Fashion Design after high-school. Owning her own label was also a goal, but it started to become a reality after graduating.

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“After finishing my studies, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to share my own gothic, streetwear aesthetic with the world, in the hope that I could appeal to both creatives and mass society alike to advocate for the acceptance of new (or different) ideas to the norm,” Tala says.

“I personally love fashion that is super conceptual and fulfills a purpose that extends past simple functionality. My inspiration when designing often stems from the idea of creating a living narrative or a dystopian world where I find myself ‘fitting in’ amongst people that do not naturally fit in.”

From launching the label just last year, to making her runway debut at Melbourne Fashion Week, and then to New York – her career may be short but it’s already prestigious.

“This is a dream come true. New York Fashion Week has always been a goal for me. For years, I have watched designers showcase their collections and skills on one of the world’s biggest stages and I can’t believe I get the chance to do the same,” expands Tala.

“For me, the runway show will focus mostly on the new collection, but weaving in key pieces from the debut range. It’ll be my chance to show the world what young Australian designers are doing on a global scale.”

Go get them, I say! And if you’re reading this with budding design dreams of your own, obviously you should absolutely go for it.