How To Banish Procrastination When You’re Trying To Study Online

How To Banish Procrastination When You're Trying To Study Online

You know what’s awesome? The fact that the internet made studying so accessible that you can further your education without physically being on campus. Maybe that’s because you’re currently working, maybe that’s because you live too far away. Whatever your situation though one problem always pops up when you’re studying online: how do you stay focused?

Fix Your Feng Shui

No we’re not talking chakras I promise, but we ARE talking setting yourself up with a dedicated study area. Maybe that means a desk in your home, maybe that means a nearby cafe, but it definitely doesn’t mean sitting on your bed.

Cut Out Distractions

The very nature of studying online means that you are just a click away from procrastination, but you can at least cut it out as best you can. Hide your phone, turn off the tele, and definitely explain to your lovely but chatty roommate that you can’t have any d&m’s with them right now.

Write It Down

While that whole ‘staring at a computer/tv screen will give you square eyes’ thing is obviously a lie, staring at a screen all day IS tiring for your peepers. Make yourself some hand-written notes so you get a break, but also because it’s actually scientifically proven to help you learn better.

Set Up A Self-Reward System

Studying for hours on end is a total chore and also actually not that effective. Your brain can only process so much!  Break your study sessions into smaller blocks and reward yourself in-between. Maybe that looks like 30 minutes of study then five minutes staring into space and nursing a hot drink.