Research Shows Which Star Signs Are Best At Saving $$$ And I Know It’s Legit ’Cos Mine’s The Worst

I dunno about you, but I bloody love using astrology to answer every single question I have about myself (and others) in all aspects of life, from relationships, to career goals to spending habits.

And new research by UBank has revealed who’s been most likely to alter their finances to adapt to these uncertain times.

Buckle up, bbs.

It should come as no surprise whatsoever that Earth signs are some of the most likely peeps to reduce spending on non-essential shit during the pandemic, with our clever Virgo queens leading the charge at 26%, followed by Taurus at 21% and Capricorn at 18%.

Next up we’ve got the Air signs who UBank’s research says are likely to be selective about where they put their dollarydoos, without making any ‘yuge differences during COVID – with Aquarius leading at 32%, followed by Libra at 27%, and Gemini at 18%.

Water signs, however, are some of the most likely to not change their spending habits, with Pisces ranking the highest of the soppy signs at 21%, followed by Cancer at 19% and Scorpio at 14% (awks, that’s me – and I can confirm it’s true).

And lastly, Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius haven’t changed their non-essential spending as much in comparison to other signs with the former at 9% and the latter at 16%, and apparently the two are most likely to pursue a side hustle as a secondary source of income.

However, Aries are the most frugal of the fire signs with 21%.

UBank’s research also found that millennials are implementing new saving strategies to help them with saving during COVID, but still feel uninformed when it comes to home loans (#facts).

According to the national research, 44 per cent of Aussie millennials list buying a property as one of their top two savings goals for the next five years. In fact, 50 per cent said they’re currently saving for a deposit.

The research also found that 68 per cent of millennials have put themselves on a budget, compared to 58 per cent of Gen X, with the number falling to 55 per cent of Gen Z.

All this numerical crap goes waaay over my head, hence why the star sign data spoke to me on another level… which is basically just a cosmic way to tell me that I’m screwed. Yay!