You’ve definitely heard of his products, but have you heard of GoPro‘s billionaire founder Nick Woodman?

The now 43-year-old cooked up the idea when he was a 26-year-old unemployed surfer bum, about to embark on a three-month roadtrip around Australia.

These days, he’s worth over one billion smackeroonies, and his products are attached to the head of every daredevil (and wannabe) you know.

We caught up with Nick when he was in Sydney to launch the GoPro Hero 6.

“The biggest change [in my life since becoming a billionaire] was being able to go from an idea to realising it more quickly, or even realising it at all,” he told us. “When you’re just getting started in life, in your career, people don’t actually give you credit for your ideas because you haven’t actually done anything yet. Once you’ve had some success, people start to believe in you. It makes it easier to rally people and get stuff done.”

The eternal surfer dude says he believes you have your best ideas when pursuing your passions; his is surfing, not ‘really durable but good quality video cameras’.

“First make sure that the reason behind what you want to do – behind your business idea, or behind your career – is genuine to you,” he says to those people wanting to pursue their side-hustle.

“Most people give up. And that’s really the main difference between really successful people and those that aren’t: that really successful people never give up.”

Check out the video we made with him – all on a GoPro Hero 6, natch.

Image: Pedestrian