Many of us have been thrown into working from home situations, and it’s fair to say we are not prepared.

My room barely fits my bed and I have housemates, so exactly where am I meant to fit a desk and ergonomical chair, I ask? I’m not, which is why I’ve moved into my housemate’s hammock.

work from home
legit, that’s THIS story on my screen.

She has the big room with plenty of space for a desk, so I refuse to let her fight me on this.

I’m not the only one thinking outside the box either. As we do in the modern world, a bunch of people have shared their creative work from home set-ups with the interweb. These are their stories.

The woman who won’t be hampered by uncertain situations:

The car that just became so much more than a car:

The people who realised they suddenly had a use for ironing boards again:

The desk that’s conveniently ready for happy hour:

The guy who found a use for all that dunny paper he panic bought:

One man who turned his own trash into his treasured office setup:

See also, the panic bought water:

And, of course, the fluffers that can’t understand why you’re not paying attention to them 24/7:

Image: Twitter / [@iambradcahoon / @vnusw]