Startups have been popping up left right and centre over the last few years – which makes total sense because who wouldn’t want to work for themselves – but not all are created equal.

LinkedIn have just released their second annual Top Startups ranking to see which Aussie startups are shaking up their industries, making waves and looking highly attractive to jobseekers.

How did they decide? To be elegible, startups had to be more than seven years old, have a minimun of 50 employees and “be privately held and headquartered in Australia.”

LinkedIn editors and data scientists looked at the actions of the platform’s 645 million members and categorised them into four search areas: employee growth, jobseeker interest, member engagement with the company and their success bringing in talent from top non-startup companies.

The top 10 list revolved a lot around banking and financial planning. In fact, taking out top spot was Judo Bank, which only launched last year but is already changing the small business lending space and pulling in a lot of employees from the big four banks.

It’s also no surprise that many tech startups are popping up and thriving. Canva computer software startup rolled in at second after being founded in 2012. It’s well-known for a graphic design tool it created that has been globally recognised, and for giving its workers some flexibility in how they work.

You can find the full list of top 25 Aussie startups right here.

Image: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt