There’s truly nothing like the knot of absolute dread that sinks heavy in your guts the moment that you realise you’ve messed up big time. As a fun little treat, folks on Twitter have been sharing all the times that they’ve royally screwed the pooch at work, some giving me insane levels of secondhand cringe and anxiety.

Because I refuse to endure this whole thread of stories where people have done something so bad that it makes me break out in a cold sweat, I thought it would be a nice little Friday activity to bring them to you.

Kicked off by one Steve Doherty, who shared his story about accidentally erasing an entire section of a radio play, the replies are literal waking-nightmare stuff.

So please, join me in cringing into a little ball of dread with these work fuck-ups that make me want to vomit in stress and then immediately become a hermit.

Oh no.

I don’t know the logistics of how the hell your work can get this screwed, but it’s made me feel deeply unwell.

Oh my GOD this is like the workplace version of calling your teacher “mum” or “dad”.

I’m all for equal opportunity but also maybe they should have been supervised…?

This absolutely RADIATES Homer Simpson energy and I refuse to hear otherwise.

If anyone was wondering what my recurring nightmares are, it’s 1000% this.

Look, there’s just a whole heap of stomach-knotting stories of times people have screwed up at work, but nothing is more horrifying than this one sentence.

Image: Arrested Development / 20th Century Fox Television