There’s no worse time to hunt for a job than the present. Things aren’t exactly going smoothly now, to say the least. Things are shit, in fact.

After the pandemic’s over, job hunting will be tough in a different way, with everyone scrambling for just a handful of new positions.

It’s times like this you need to keep an eye out for red flags, and for that, the good folks of Reddit have you covered.

This week, Reddit user u/CurrentlyCurious asked “What’s a red flag when looking for a job?” and got over 12,500 replies.

Needless to say there’s a fair few nuggets of wisdom buried within. Here are just a few which will defs come in handy, both now and during your post-iso job hunt.

Firstly, it pays to cynical about job descriptions.

Keep your eye on the ball, not just on the prize.

It’s always a good idea to have a sniff around to see how long employees stay at the company.

Also beware of scams! And if it sounds like a pyramid scheme, it most likely is.

If you get to the interview stage and the boss slags off the person you’re replacing… that’s probably a bad sign.

When jobs offer a convoluted AF pay structure, chances are they’re using it to skimp out on fair pay.

So while it might be tempting to jump at wherever job you see, make sure you check for those pesky red flags.

It’s really not worth your time chasing up an opportunity that has shit pay, awful conditions and will likely spit you out after a few months.

Even when you’re desperate for work, it pays to make things work for you.