Here we go, full ball into tax time. Which I personally still love because I usually get a teeny sumthin’ sumthin’ back. So it kind of feels like I’ve just put my money into an untouchable savings account for a year.

Yes, I’m fully aware this has no financial legs. It’s just how I feel, ok?

What DOES have legitimacy is giving thought to how you’ll spend your tax return. Will it be for fun things, because you’ve budgeted the rest of your pay so well all year? Will it be for grown-up things because that looming HECS debt is crushing your soul? Or is it none of the above?

I’ve gone ahead and brainstormed a few ideas for you – obviously, the best choice for you is entirely up to your discretion, you are an adult.

1. Make A Dent In Those Bills

I know, I know – it doesn’t sound fun. But surely it’s a lot more fun than having debt hanging over your head? Sit down and figure out what you owe, then put them in order of most to least important to pay off.

2. Take A Little Trip

NOW we’re talking. And writing this just reminded me that I have a trip coming up later this year that I had not planned for at ALL – so guess where my tax return will be going. Yes you got me, I spend too much money on travel.

3. Treat Yo’Self

If you’ve been coveting something, anything within reason really, now is your time baby. A massage? That killer outfit? A new phone? A fancy feast? You do you, boo. You worked hard for it.

4. Treat Someone You Love

No, this isn’t just about your partners and lovers, although they are obviously included. I’m a firm believer in it being just as important to show close friends and family how much you mean to them. This absolutely doesn’t have to mean spending money on them, but everyone loves being treated to a surprise dinner, right?

5. Put It In Your Savings

Not going to lie, I only just managed to make and reach a savings goal so now I have an emergency buffer and MY GOD it’s a delight. Seeing as I’ve also lived paycheck to paycheck, I’m uniquely qualified to tell you savings is better.

6. Stick It In Your Super

Do you know how much money you need to retire on as a single person? A casual $42,953 PER YEAR, every year after you retire. I researched and wrote this and have been low-key wetting my pants ever since:

Image: Futurama