Here’s How You Convince Your Workplace To Cough Up The Dough For Skill Upgrade Courses

How To Convince Your Boss To Pay For A Skills Upgrade

When you stop learning, you die, right? Ok, a tad dramatic, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re constantly learning and growing as humans, particularly at work. Some of that will be done on the job, but other skills require more study.

Upskilling for a job becomes 1000 times easier financially and time-wise when your employer is on board, so how can you present your case for the best shot of getting your boss to pay?

Be Clear On The Specifics

First of all, you’ll want to make sure you can clearly break down the study you’re planning to undertake. Layout the costs, length of time, how much of that time will eat into business hours and what key objectives you’ll be learning. No-one is going to say yes if it sounds like you haven’t done your research.

Provide A Few Options

Carefully consider a few different options that would increase your relevant skillset but provide enough variety to give your employer a chance to pick the option that makes most sense to them. Just one option is a yes or no answer, a few options is a conversation.

How Will It Boost Your Work?

It doesn’t make to an employer to pay for you to do a course that has no added benefit to your current role, and to potential promotions the business could give you in the future. Clearly explain how your chosen study will help you improve your current work.

Will It Benefit The Business?

On that note, be ready to clearly demonstrate how a boost in your own work is going to benefit the business as a whole. The more you can prove to your employer that this is a business investment, the more alluring the idea will be.