How A Business Degree Can Also Be Valuable To Anyone Who Doesn’t Just Wanna Be A Suit

If you can’t think of anything worse than suiting up for work every day for the rest of your life, welcome. You are amongst your people. We’re here to give you some hard truths about business degrees because it seems we’ve all been misled.

Yep, apparently, biz degrees aren’t just for people who have a thing for neckties — they’re also for people who just love options and don’t feel like they’ve landed in their dream job just yet.

As someone who did a highly specific applied science degree and came out completely lost with only one career option, I am a huge believer in not doing that and choosing a more general degree instead. Sure, you might not come out of uni with a concrete and clear idea of exactly who you want to be and where you want to end up, but I’m pretty sure that’s a myth anyway. What you really want is to wrap up your studies with endless options.

Prepare to have your mind opened to the wild idea of signing up for a business degree. You might even be jazzed about the idea once we’re done with you.

Say it with me: options

With most degrees (even those with super-specific career outcomes), the first year is pretty general. The same is true for a business degree, which is perfect if you have zero ideas about what you want to do with your life after graduation.

At Victoria University, there are 11 majors to choose, from the obvious (accounting, finance, and international trade), to the less-obvious (marketing, human resource management, and event management). And because the first year is a “common year”, meaning you don’t have to choose your major until your second year, it basically means you can sign up and decide exactly what you want to do later.

You leave uni with actual, real-life work experience

At some point, all of us have been caught in that vicious cycle of not landing a job because you need experience, but not being able to get experience because you didn’t land the job. That shouldn’t happen when you study a business degree at Victoria University because they connect you with your chosen industry and help you find a gig while you study so you can get some real-world experience before you graduate.

This is unique. By the time you leave uni, you’ll be able to hit the ground running in the real world. Victoria University courses also use a “block model”, which means you focus on one subject at a time and avoid getting snowed under by taking too many subjects in a semester.

You’ll graduate with useable life skills

It’s not uncommon for people to finish uni and struggle to bridge the gap between studying and working in the real world. But something that eases a lot of that tension is knowing you’ll at least come out of it with usable life skills.

A business degree, for example, will give you a fair idea about career progression, how international markets interact, and how to become an entrepreneur. It’ll also help you build a network while getting on-the-job experience and, of course, you’ll leave with all those career options we mentioned earlier. And you know what that means: you’ll have the power to choose a career where you say cya to suits forever and ever.