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Well, this is awkward. Apparently almost half of working Aussies are set to ask for a payrise this year, and most of them won’t get it – according to exclusive research published on Business Insider and commissioned by recruitment firm Robert Half.

In fact, 45% of working Aussies have a raise as their main career goal for 2020, and most of that number are under 34 years old. It’s also a majority of women wanting a pay rise and who can blame us? It’s about time we got rid of that gender gap in wages. Ingrained sexism aside, it’s been several years since most working Aussies haven’t been given a raise.

Yet, it’s not looking good for the majority. Aussie wage growth is stalling and, according to the research, it’s often only healthcare workers who are still getting raises. The lucky ducks.

Elsewhere it’s only six in 10 ecommerce workers who are reporting they’re happy with their current salaries. Workers in IT, manufacturing, real estate and the resource sectors are expected to have the highest number of pay rise seekers, with seven in 10 saying they intend to ask. In terms of how much of an increase they’re expecting, construction workers are seeking the highest raise at 10% or higher.

So, uh, this is obviously a little bit crap. And according to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), not something we should expect to see righted any time soon thanks to rising unemployment rates.