By now we’re all probably aware of that pathetic excuse for a finale Game Of Thrones dished up on Monday (just one woman’s opinion), but how were we to know? We simply couldn’t have. Which is probably why a whole big bunch of you took the day off work to watch it.

On average, 16% of Aussie hourly shift workers make themselves unavailable on an average day. Not on Monday though, oh no. On the fateful GoT finale day, nearly half of all shift workers gave the day the sweet old N/A – according to workforce management software program, Deputy.

Obviously, you’re all now kicking yourself for wasting the day. No, I will never stop being bitter.

But which state particularly bought into the GoT craze? It was Queensland, with a full 65% of hourly shift workers taking the day off, closely followed by New South Wales at 50%.

The ACT, Victoria, and Western Australia all came in the 40 percents while South Australia and Tasmania kept it more conservative in the 30 percents.

Not really sure what’s wrong with the Northern Territory who only had 19% of hourly shift workers marking the day as not available, which is only slightly above the national mark on an average day. Maybe you guys got spoilers we weren’t privy to? I guess the joke is on the rest of us now.

Image: Instagram / [@sophiet]