You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 1000 times – the job landscape is evolving. While that does mean that some roles are disappearing, it also means that others are appearing or growing in their place. Because no-one wants to spend the money, time and effort on a degree that will mean nothing once they graduate, here are the top six careers expected to bloom over the next few years, according to Job Outlook.


1. Aged and Disabled Carers

With an aging population, comes a higher need for Aged Carers. You don’t necessarily need formal qualifications to get into the industry, but Certificates in aged and disabled care would often give you a leg-up.

2. Registered Nurses

It’s pretty safe to say there will always big sick people, and therefore there will always be a need for nurses. To become a Registered Nurse, a three year Bachelor of Nursing is required, whereas Enrolled Nurses complete a two-year diploma.

3. Child Carers

Somebody needs to think of the children! Sorry, couldn’t resist – but seriously, the need for child care workers is on the rise. In most cases, you’ll need a certificate or diploma in early childhood care, which usually involves a traineeship.


4. Software and Applications Programmers

IT jobs, in general, aren’t going anywhere unless the world suddenly decides to give up their phones and computers. Landing a gig as a Software or Applications Programmer is generally about proving what you can do, whether you have a VET or university qualification like most or not.

5. Waiters

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. I’m going to explain this one by pointing to Hipsters, based on zero actual facts. Regardless food is great, and the need for Waitstaff is on the rise. You typically don’t need qualifications to get into it and often you’ll work your way up on the job, however, VET courses are available to brush up on some skills.

6. Education Aides

These are the people who provide non-teaching help to teachers, whether that’s providing care, supervision or assistance to students. You’ll typically need a Certificate in Education Support or sometimes a traineeship.

Image: Instagram / @zendaya