Digital Transform Agency is a government agency who operate to help the government improve digital services to make them simple, clear and fast. They are hiring heaps of roles in Sydney and Canberra currently. Some of these include:

Content Designer: Help to improve government information and services. You will need outstanding writing and editing skills and be able to translate complicated information into plain English. You will work in an agile environment, producing user-centred content quickly and efficiently. Hiring in Sydney & Canberra.

Interactive Designer: Work closely with the service designer and user researcher to reduce risk by regularly releasing and improving parts of the service and test and iterate frequently to meet user needs. Help shape and build the product solution with responsibility of the product’s day-to-day design requirements, informed by user feedback. Hiring in Sydney & Canberra 

Developer: Responsible for developing practical software to meet user needs. You must have the ability to write clean, secure and well-tested code. As a Developer at the DTA, you will operate the services you build and identify any issues that arise in production. Hiring in Sydney & Canberra. 

Content Strategist: Required for the Style Manual team to iterate and implement the product’s content strategy. This role will ensure that a best practice approach to maintaining, iterating and creating new content is followed by aligning agency needs to user needs. Hiring in Sydney & Canberra 

Lawyer: Prepare legal advice and information on legal issues relevant to the DTA, including the interpretation and application of legislation and case law. Provide advice on legislative development process and drafting. Hiring in Sydney & Canberra 

Architect: Seeking a skilled architect capable of contributing to the development and rollout of architecture for whole of government platforms. Hiring in Sydney & Canberra 

Delivery Manager: Help build a high-performing multidisciplinary team in digital content development and delivery. In this role you will help to coordinate content development with an external provider, as well as manage sprints with DTA team members. Hiring in Sydney & Canberra

Plus way more!

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