Most of us made choices about our future careers at the tender age of 18. Sometimes we get it right and end up in an industry absolutely perfect for us, sometimes we really don’t. I don’t know about you, but given the option now, I would never let teenage me make decisions about anything, ever. So then why are we so scared of changing directions when we realise we probably want a career change?

Here are six people who prove it’s never too late to go after what you really want.

1. Ken Jeong

Korean-American actor and comedian, Ken Jeong, became a household name after his role in The Hangover. But mates, he’s also a qualified physician? He not only graduated with a medical degree, he’d actually started been a practicing doctor for seven years when he started ding stand-up comedy. Just look at him now!

2. Kim Kardashian

Have you heard the queen of reality TV – and if we’re being brutally honest, a woman who has long been portrayed as not very intelligent – is in law school now? She says she developed a real interest in law after learning about the legal system in America for her famous trip to the Whitehouse. Love her or hate her, good on her for going after her passions.

3. Stephen King

Stephen King was working full-time as a high school janitor right up until his first successful novel, Carrie. His manuscript was rejected a huge 30 times before it was published in 1974 when he was 26-years old. That job is obviously a far cry from the famous horror author we know him as today.

i’m so sorry.

4. Sir Mick Jagger

If you’re really going to have the moves like Mick Jagger, you’d have to study a few things that definintely weren’t rock and roll first. With his OG career goals including becoming a journo, he was studying for a business degree and working as a porter in a psychiatric hospital to fund his studies.

5. Harrison Ford

Sure he started out trying to act, but after some unsuccessful attempts to hit the big time, Harrison Ford became a self-taught carpenter and worked in that profession for a solid 15 years. Then George Lucas’ American Graffiti happened in 1973, and the rest is history.

to make up for the clown…

6. Brandon Stanton

The name may or may not be familiar to you, but Humans Of New York definitely should be. If it’s not you 100% are missing out, it’s THE purest thing in the world and you need to follow it immediately. But Brandon was actually a bonds trader. He lost his job which pushed him to follow his dream of professional photography and bada bing, bada boom – his online photography project is now a global phenomenon.

Image: Getty Images / [Phillip Faraone/ Jim Dyson/ Michael Tullberg]