Redditors Are Sharing The Wild Reasons They’ve Fired Employees & It’s A Ride

If you use common sense in the workplace, getting fired can actually be a pretty tough thing to do, assuming you didn’t lie in your job interview. But sometimes people just do some absolutely baffling shit that leaves their employers no choice but to let them go.

The employers of Reddit took to the platform today to share some of the wildest reasons they’ve had to fire someone and damn, there’s some freaking pearlers in there, folks. Check out the best ones below.

I gotta say, taking three hour breakfast breaks two days in a row is a powerful, but incredibly dumb move.

Wow, dog move by his mates there.

If you’re gonna come into work hungover, it’s probably best not to shit inside of your pants during the day. That’s what a toilet is for.

You can check out the entire thread right here.