One thing I definitely don’t miss from my teenage years – aside from the crappy skin and general awkwardness – is people asking me what I wanted to do when I left school.

For many people this question is totally fine and, on the surface, it is… but you feel very differently about the question if you have no idea what the answer is.

For me, every time someone asked me about my ‘career direction’, I just got anxious, especially because so many of my mates seemed to just know what they were going to do.

In hindsight, however, I’ve realised that not knowing all the answers can actually work out better.

One person who admits they had “no idea” what they wanted to do when they left school is TAFE NSW alum Bradley Eastman (who also goes by the totally baws name Beastman).

Beastman is a Sydney mural artist who came across the graphic design course at TAFE NSW, thanks to his Mum.

“It wasn’t until I started going to the course that I realised what the whole graphic design thing was about and how much it did relate to all of my interests,” recalls Beastman. “It was all very practical graphic design stuff.”

Now he travels around the country visiting rural communities, leaving a trail of incred work in his wake. Pretty damn cool, huh?

The moral of the story? Instead of worrying about your career, try focussing on doing what you’re interested in, no matter how out-of-the-box it might seem.

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Image: Instagram / [@kelly.eee]