In the ever-changing face of the Aussie workforce, one thing is for certain: IT jobs aren’t going anywhere. Which is very nice to know considering 60% of students have/are studying for jobs that won’t exist in the next 10 years.

It’s also handy to have people who know what they’re doing with computers around to tell the rest of us how to not get hacked. One such person is Lachlan Gabb, Information Security Analyst – aka very expert IT guy who honed his skills by studying a Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security) at TAFE NSW.

Lachlan was kind enough to let us know all the ways we’re doing the internet wrong. *Spoiler Alert* yeah they’re NOT kidding when they tell you your passwords aren’t secure and that you shouldn’t use the same one twice.

I, a person who definitely rotates the same 3 passwords for literally everything, must go and change them all now – so I’ll leave you with the full vid of Lachlan and the rest of his cyber safety tips:

Image: iStock Images / skynesher