It’s no secret tech is a growing industry. We’ve spoken about it here a billion times already. However, a techy job doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a cast member of The IT Crowd – although tbh who wouldn’t want to be?

Here are some less traditional tech jobs that are actually really cool.

1. Cyber Security Expert

How about being the James Bond of the tech world? According to the Sydney Morning Herald, online crimes are costing businesses up to $1 billion a year. With a rising number of hackers comes a rising need for people who can block that threat. Well, not just block, companies need experts who can put together a plan to stop any threats in the first place.

2. Virtual Reality Engineer

There are so many avenues to take with virtual reality. There’s gaming, for sure, but VR is growing and will be/is used for so much more now. You could be a virtual habitat designer, basically doing the job of an urban planner but with VR. Or you could jump on the VR engineer train and help with creating immersive news stories, facilitating academic collaboration, health care improvements and more.

3. Digital Artists

It’s been a long time since art had to be done with a paintbrush or a hot glue gun. Now, you can combine IT skills with your mad art and design abilities. My personal favourite example? Sydney MS Paint artist, Miranda Lorikeet. Also, just quietly, there is also a job for designing and managing virtual holograms of people – which sounds both arty and space-agey.

4. User Interface Designer

We don’t often pay attention when our web browsing and apps using all runs smoothly, but we sure as heck are ready to kick up a stink when they don’t. As the creative head of the user experience team, the user interface designer is the one who makes the graphics, colours usability and brand messaging all flow.

5. Professional eSports Player

Look, if you had mentioned this to me even a couple of weeks ago I would have laughed in your face. This week, however, a 19-year old Melbournite won $4.6M winning some eSports comp, catapulting him amongst the richest of Australian athletes. My jury is still 100% out about whether this actually counts as being an athlete but either way, that’s a buttload of money.

Image: The IT Crowd