From Telstra To Woolies, Here’s All The Companies Still Hiring During This Pandemic

Many companies across Australia have been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with sectors such as hospitality, entertainment and retail some of the hardest hit. Nearly one million people have lost their jobs, and while the government has announced more than $300 billion in economic packages to help get people and businesses through this, not everyone is in a position to access these funds.

While some companies are shutting down, there are also companies who are in need of workers during this difficult time. Here are a list of some companies hiring right now:

  1. Woolworths – The supermarket giant will be recruiting 20,000 more workers to help keep up with the increased need for food and drinks. Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci has said that the group has an “important role to play in keeping Australians employed through this crisis”. To apply for jobs at the Woolworths Group, you can visit
  2. Telstra – As most of the Australian population are now working from home, Telstra has seen an increased number of complaints and issues on their network. In a bid to reduce these issues, they have announced that they are offering more than 1,000 temporary call centre positions. Keep a look out at their jobs page for more information.
  3. Coles –  In addition to the 7,000 jobs provided this past fortnight, Coles have announced that they are hiring an extra 5,000 workers across a range of roles. Positions are currently being advertised on the company’s jobs page.
  4. BHP – BHP is preparing to hire 1,500 workers across WA, SA, QLD and NSW. BHP jobs can be found here.
  5. Services Australia – 5,000 new jobs at Centrelink and Medicare will be created as more people will be applying for welfare and will require support. Services Australia general manager Mr Hank Jongen said “We’ve embarked on an extensive training program, and we are in the process of recruiting”.

Meanwhile, the federal government has announced several packages to help lessen the financial burden. One stimulus package includes an increase in the JobSeeker Payment (formerly known as Newstart), with job seekers now entitled to $1,100 per fortnight.

To find out more about your entitlements as a job seeker who has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, then visit this explainer to have all your questions answered.

Elsewhere, there are paid positions currently being advertised on the Pedestrian JOBS board, which you can check out here.