The 10 Best Podcasts To Listen To If You Wanna Supercharge Your Career Or Side-Hustle RN

Advice, inspo, brainstorming – sometimes it’s just good to listen to what others have to say in order to step up your own game. When comes to your job and/or that side hustle of yours, there are a handful of podcasts that can really get you in the right mindset for success.

From chatting with executives about how they start their day, to learning from our own mistakes, these podcasts cover everything you need to get to where you want to be both professionally and personally.

Some are bite-sized while others are more like recorded lectures, but there’s something in here for everyone with a moment in their day to spare.

How I Work

How I Work is an Aussie podcast that focuses on habits. In each episode Dr Amantha Imber (who’s an organisational psychologist!) chats with innovators to see how they organise their day.

She not only interviews plenty of executives but also people in their 20s just starting our their careers.

Side Hustle School

This podcast focuses not on your actual career, but on everything outside of it. Every day host Chris Guillebeau puts out bite-sized episodes full of wisdom and advice on how to grow your side-hustle.

Not only can you submit questions to be answered on the show, but you can even put your hand up to get featured if you’re smashing it out of the park with your side hustle at the moment.

How To Fail

The oldest rule in the book is to learn from your mistakes. Each week host Elizabeth Day speaks with everyone from authors, to athletes, to chefs – even reality TV stars – to find out about what went wrong and how they made things right.

The podcast’s even spawned a memoir of the same name, so Day knows a thing or two about rising from the ashes.

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Seize the Yay Podcast

Reformed lawyer Sarah Holloway chats to a bunch of people who are killing it at work and their personal life to find out how to strike that balance without losing sight of what’s important.

After all, there’s no point grinding day and night if it’s all for nothing. There’s more to life than seizing the day, and that’s what this Aussie podcast’s all about.

How I Built This

This show comes from US broadcaster NPR, so you know it’s a good one. In each episode Guy Raz weaves together the narrative of how one innovator, entrepreneur or idealist made it to where they are.

There are some big names coming on the show, including the folks behind Khan Academy, Zumba and Airbnb. Notice the trend? They’ve all exploded out of nowhere.

The Foundr Podcast

Almost every week host Nathan Chan sits down with the people behind some massive companies (think Hinge or the American supermarket Whole Foods).

During these chats Chan picks their brains to find out how they got where they are, and how those lessons can be applied to our own career paths too.

Switch, Pivot or Quit

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Each week host Ahyiana Angel sits down with women who have transformed their careers into something more worthwhile.

Whether its encouragement, to inspiration, to solid, actionable tips, the show will get you on the right track to doing what you want in no time.

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Goal Digger

In each episode self-professed “business girl” Jenna Kutcher walks listeners through the fundamentals of business, branding, marketing and inspiration. Yes, those are four different things once you get down to the nitty-gritty.

The podcast has interviews but also just straight-up advice from Kutcher herself, making the whole thing like a business and marketing workshop delivered straight to your ears.

Rise & Conquer

This is like self-help, but for money, careers, and all of that other adult stuff.

Each week there’s one episode hosted by Aussie Georgie Stevenson plus a guest episode hosted by someone who knows their shit about important stuff like balancing budgets or staying fit.

Manager Tools Podcast

Manager Tools has been going for 15 years, making it a giant not just in the podcast world but on the internet in general.

Created by Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman, each episode is a discussion between the two about how to develop your career and learn the tricks of the managerial trade.

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